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We don’t believe in singing our own praises! So, know about the wonderful experiences that our clients had with us in terms of accelerated , better engagement and so on. Words directly from them are here..

We started working with It's Global Solution more than a year ago. This was my first project with them and I had my inhibitions about the ability of the team. The first meeting we had with Mr. Karnav Chauhan me the much-needed confidence that these guys are knowledgeable and know what they are talking which eventually led me to award this project to It's Global Solution. We are just like any other startup operating on a tight budget, designs that are not thoroughly vetted, features that are not prioritized. So flexibility in this scenario become absolutely critical to the project. It's Global Solution understood that and provided all the needed support. We had to revise our design numerous times and add a bunch of new features that were not initially discussed, there was back and forth on estimates provided for features, the point I am trying to make is, they are ready to work with you to make you happy. They do take feedback seriously. I also believe things were little manageable for me because I have a technical background. I am going to work with It's Global Solution on our Phase 2 rollout as well.

Avinash Majmudar

Social event hub

The company is in line with the latest technology and understands today’s business. They know how to keep their customers happy.

Kamlesh Patel

Scientific Education

Once I signed the contract and the ball started to roll, Prateek and his team, time and time again, produced fantastic results. I highly recommend Prateek and his team. With It's Global Solution, you won’t regret it!

Indus University


My new website is exactly what I wanted - the layout, colors, and graphics are fantastic! My customers are impressed by the simplicity of the layout and the navigational structure. It's Global Solution worked to understand the vision I had for my new site, and successfully created a tangible expression of what I described to them. I really appreciate their willingness to go ‘extra mile’.

Mitesh jain

Forever Mobile Accessories

Being USA-based, I thought that geography may prove a problem in communicating with It's Global Solution. To my delight, absolutely everything was accomplished via email and a few conference calls. As a result of the thorough testing of the web site by both It's Global Solution and our own company, we have experienced very few post "go-live" issues, and have been reassured by the sense of ownership and responsiveness of this company. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending It's Global Solution as an outstanding web development company!

Haribhai Patel

Bharatiya Senior Citizens Chicago