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Online booking through mobile, desktop, tablet has encouraged the most convenient and quickest way of buying tickets across the globe, and we do that phenomenally.


We have developed great projects in the industry that cater to a large audience and provide a seamless booking experience to web and mobile users. Our developers have been able to create holistic approaches to targeting, storing, managing and communicating over secure and convenient digital platforms.

Challenges in Event and Ticketing industry

Payment Risks And Cancellations

As per a recent report, victims of online ticket fraud have lost more than £1.2 million to ticket fraud from June to December of 2015 with nearly 3.000 cases reported to Action Fraud between May and October. Convincing people by giving them a comfort and convenience they are expecting at the cost of booking online is a challenge for many merchants.

Wearable Technology

In the online event ticket sales industry, the wearable technology has brought significant challenges when it comes to adapting digital platforms for easier use by wearable technology. Most customers are interested in having their event ticket scanned from their smartwatch. So, online event ticket sellers have to plan ahead when to have the ticket code on their wearable.

Better Data Collection

While booking tickets through mobile phones, there are a lot of data generated by each user, and with each completed transaction, the service provider gets to know consumer-based information including age, interests, purchase histories and place and manner of tickets purchases. To manage this data and personalize each ticket booking is a challenge for most providers.

Customer Loyalty

To convert first-time customers into loyal customers, we need a well-implemented strategy with an edge. People quickly switch to different websites and apps if they find smoother transactions, more authenticity and better discounts and coupons. The goal of having mobile ticketing merchants assist in customer retention and efficient ways in engaging consumers in the future.

How IT's Global Solution delivers business value?

Mobile option, wearable tech and other cutting-edge technologies provide a great option for managing the ticketing software and cater to the unique needs of customers. At IT’s Global Solution, our experience in developing going-out event apps has been extensive, even before these apps were mainstream.

Some of the key solutions we provide are:

#1. Ticket Management System
#2. Event Web Applications
#3. eTicketing Solutions

#4. Web & Mobile Booking
#5. Online Registration System
#6. CRM Application Development

#4. Web & Mobile Booking
#5. Online Registration System
#6. CRM Application Development